Me dress to kill?

Fashion Maven

I'm one style chameleon. When it comes to fashion, I've got my own vision and loads of voguish instinct.

Instead of blindly following the latest trends, I would make my own interpretation of them, and customize the look as an extension of my personality. Everything from my hair, attire, right down to accessories, looks immaculately put-together and trendy, yet sets me apart from the rest of the fashion crowd.

Style is about expressing myself through my personal taste, and I've got that right on.

Bread and Butter

1. Make sure that your illustration is absolutely necessary. Can the objective be completed any other way?

2. Get examples of what the client likes. Ask the client many questions about what they want: Colors, techniques, objective. Ask the client what they don't want: Colors, techniques, representations.

3. Take the client through the process. Send the client your drafts. It will keep them in the loop and diagnose any problems early. This will also help you achieve an approved final product quicker.

4. Have confidence in your work. If you are proud of your work let the client know. Your positivity and confidence will help you sell your product to the client. If you question its quality, then the client will also question its quality. Confidence and praise will sell your work.

5. Keep all of your work for reference later. If another client comes to you with an illustration request, what is better than your previous work to establish expectation? The client will be getting used to seeing your work, and this will ultimately prepare them for the work you do for the best.

A Blue Painting

The moment you are greeted by the blue painting, what does it give you as an impression?
Yes, I know that it is nothing but just blueness.
I am sure that there is more blueing to it than meeting an eye.
Let's talk a blue streak?
I won't make you blue in the face.

Ink Painting: My Ravel of Reflections

Batik Painting: The Happy Princess

Postcard Art: Thank You for your Inspiration [DONATED]


My great-great-great grandfather in China

Cartoon Stamp Art: Life in Singapore

A "catch-up" interview with my old classmate who sometimes used to climb and sleep on the roof of LaSalle-SIA College of the Art school

Ever been tempted into buying a magazine because it looked pretty funky sitting up on the shelf? How about that new CD? You only recognised one of the songs but with such a cool cover, you decided it must be fantastic.

Well folks, companies are on to us. They know that we, the consumer, are more likely to buy their product if it is visually appealing. That’s why they employ the skills of the Graphic Designer.

Considered one of the hottest careers of 2007, a graphic designer is a specialist when it comes to this type of eye candy. Most of the visual communications you see everyday is the handiwork of a graphic designer – the packaging your Clariol hair dye came in, the pile of Marie Claire’s on your bedroom floor, even down to the design on that sexy new T you bought at the K’Rd markets last Friday.

So what is being a graphic designer really like? We caught up with one funky boy who is making his mark in the design world to find out all the gossip and how he got his career started.

Eddie Kang
Art Director

How did you know you wanted to be a graphic designer?
It could have been the years of my family enduring hand-made cards and presents from me. Nothing much has changed! But seriously – I just wanted to get paid for being creative.

What sort of skills do you need to get into the industry?
A creative flair is a must, attention to detail, lateral thinking, and you definitely need a thick skin to be able to take criticism about your work without becoming an insecure emotional wreck!

Where/what did you study?
I studied at LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, the Diploma of Graphic Design.

Why did you study there?
I knew it was the best course around!

What was the best thing about the course?
You get realistic industry experience - fast! No mucking around for years at uni stacking up debts. I was able to start work straight away – and I actually knew what I was doing. (Being so close to Dunkin Donuts and several drinking establishments was also a bonus).

How did you get your job?
I walked in and told them I was going to camp out in reception until they gave me a job. I started the next day. I am still amazed it actually worked.

What is a typical day at work like for you?
Go to work, take briefs, panic, stress, work frantically, eat, panic some more, stress some more, check out the snack box, work even more frantically, go home, sleep. Repeat.

Do you get any cool perks?
Our company does events so we always get free tickets to them (like Rumba, Fat Freddys Drop, EA Games Final etc), which is fab. Usually t-shirts (if I design them), free CDs, sunglasses, lots of things really. We also do lots of work for several alcohol clients...

What is the best thing about your job?
Probably the satisfaction and thrill of seeing your own work out and about (in shops, on billboards etc) - it never ceases to amaze me. I am sure one day I will be blasé and jaded, but I think when that happens I should change my job.

Have you done any work for any interesting clients?
Farmers clothing and underwear brands (coming up with the names and logos) was probably the most fun (especially getting to art direct the photo shoot and pick the cute guys that were going to be the models). NZ Music Month was pretty cool too. Other jobs that were interesting - a Hallmark card range, All Blacks underwear range,
Villa Maria wine labels, and designs for a friend with a clothing line.

What advice would you give to a budding designer?
Put in the time and effort, suck up all the info and knowledge you can - be a sponge. Have confidence and be bold - life is too short to not be doing what you really want to be doing.

Unleash your creativity

Do you sense that deep within your creative self is struggling to break free?
I do, sometimes.
Well, many people keep telling me that my white hairs tell all.., it is my gene problem.
I can bring you to meet all my family members, relatives and even ancestors.
Nevermind as long as I am a happy gal with my healthy self-esteem.
So do you.
Talking about unleashing your creativity?
Open your mind to new possiblities and discover how you can unlock your creative potential to achieve your creative goals.

Postcard Art: Hong Kong Essence

NIE computer lab dept Web Page Navigation: Splash!

Charcoal: The Waiting Lady [SOLD]

Oil Painting: International Friendship Day 1997 [SOLD]

Oil Painting: Zoe's Artistic Odyssey in Himalayan [SOLD]

Mixed Media Painting: Racial Harmony [SOLD]

Chinese, Malay and Indian respectively...

Mixed Media Painting: Mother and Child [SOLD]

You can see a mother and her child being moulded into a heart shape.

Acrylic Painting: Zoe's Last Dream Alley

3 hot babes in Sentosa

Spot and Win Challenge: Who still survive at Singapore School For The Deaf?

Jorena and me at International Day for the Deaf 2005

Experience Art in diverse new ways at Boon Keng KFC


My little brother, Lacky [1990-1999]

Andy Lau! Whew! Whew!

New Coffee ad poster

Watercolour Painting: Little Mermaid's story has many real-life lessons

Little Mermaid is a heroine in my eyes although she is a only character.
She has strong characters and a very high level of tolerance.
I do sympathize with her.
I do emphasize with her.
I wonder what on earth Sea Princess Ariel, her name actually means.
Does any mermaid exist in this world?
I'm amused by the evidence that mermaids are ugly monsters although I have not ever seen them in the museums yet.
There is a lot to say...
By the way, that's why I created my nickname Seababe for my email address many years ago.

Every person has its own belief.

Belief >> Thinking >> Behaviour >> Expression >> Result of another person's verbal or non-verbal response
This should remind me when i want to say something...

Cartoon: Starfish, where can i see the idyllic setting in Singapore?

Digital Textile Design: Retrograde! [DONATED]

Since young, I have always been alluringly fascinated with vintage, "plastic" things and styles, eg colour, pattern, texture and shape.
I am glad that vintage, "plastic" things and styles have never gone out of fashion.
Timeless quality, indeed.

Digital Art: Seashells or Noses?

Mixed Media Painting: Under the Banyan Tree [SOLD]

Originally, artists are in love with Nature - paper and canvas
You may ask Leonardo da Vinci for clarification or confirmation.

Zetamorphosis - Why do i love the letter Z ??

Everything i understand about Z is about to change: how i perceive, observe and receive visual information and who creates Z. Z is seen in the realm of the applied arts and disciplines where there is a fusion of both the artistic and functional, the aesthetic and practical. This revolution will be televised, blogged, podcasted and communicated in ways i haven’t even thought about yet.

Just a right angle of composition

How i wish that i could be...

I bought this illustration postcard from an IMH patient. He incredibly drew so many pictures in black and white using pencils, pens and markers that I soaked myself in fairy-tale fascination. He expresses himself through drawing as he suffers from chronic severe depression. He knows how to add and mix comical elements into some of his morbid drawings. His wife who knows some sign language helps to sell his works at art flea at Vivo city every 1st weekend and last weekend. I talked a little with her about her husband who later shook my hand out of gratefulness.